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Note: the above data are from sina stock for reference only.

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Events Calendar

Date Title Place
20/03/23-20/03/27 2019 Annual Results Non-deal Online Roadshow
2020/01/10 China Cyclicals Corporate Day-Morgan Stanley Hong Kong
19/12/03-19/12/04 Bank of America 2019 Asia Pacific Resources Conference Hong Kong
19/11/12-19/11/13 Daiwa Securities 2019 Investment Strategy Conference Hong Kong
19/11/06-19/11/07 Credit Suisse 2019 China Investment Forum Shen Zhen
2019/10/31 Guotai Junan Securities Annual Investment Strategy Conference Zhu Hai
2019/10/23 2019 Q3 Operational Update Analyst Conference Call Beijing
19/09/19-19/09/19 The Second "Mutual Benefits and COnnectivity--2019 Hong Kong Listed Companies Investment Summit" Shen Zhen
19/09/02-19/09/03 Citi Bank Corporate Day Singapore, Malaysia
19/08/27-19/08/30 2019 Interim Results NDR Hong Kong
19/06/19-19/06/19 Everbright Securities 2019 Interim Srategy Conference Shenzhen
19/06/12-19/06/13 Industrial Securities Interim Strategy Conference Shanghai
2019/05/16 Macquarie Greater China Conference 2019 Hong Kong
2019/04/11 Zhixin and Everbright 2nd: Investors Communication Conference Shanghai
19/03/25-19/03/28 2018 Annual Results Non-Deal Road Show Hong Kong
2019/03/11 CHUANCAI Securities Road Show Beijing
2019/02/26 International Financial Review Annual Award Hong Kong
2019/01/16 Everbright Securities 2019 Strategy Conference Shanghai
2019/01/07 Daiwa Securities P.U.R.E Conference Hong Kong
2018/11/29 Huatai Securities 2019 Strategy COnference Shenzhen
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