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Date Title
20-07-10 Anton Geological Engineering Service Create the longest horizontal well record of Southern Exploration Company
20-05-11 Anton's O&M Services successfully entered the Iraqi gas field market
20-04-29 Anton completed the deepest shale gas ultra-long horizontal well of CNPC
20-03-31 Anton AICD water-control technology helps old horizontal well achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase
20-02-27 Anton Chad Integrated Oilfield Management Project started production trial operation
20-02-08 Fighting the 2019-nCoV | Strengthen Faith, Take Active Defense, Ensure Safety and Protect Our Home
20-01-20 Twenty years of dreaming, and a new journey —— Anton's 20th Anniversary Celebration was grandly held on January 19th, 2020.
20-01-13 Anton High Temperature Oil-based Test Fluid Technology help Tarim oilfield achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase
19-12-16 Anton awarded the ninth "Beijing Top 10 Most Influential Enterprises"
19-12-10 Anton and Shengli Oilfield Technical Exchange Symposium Held Successfully
19-11-15 Anton’s presence at ADIPEC 2019 has successfully ended
19-11-11 Anton Presents at ADIPEC 2019
19-11-08 Anton ultra-deep well brine mining technology has set a new world record for salt mine development
19-10-29 Anton and Bank of Kunlun signed 2.5 billion yuan strategic cooperation agreement
19-10-29 Cooperative meeting between Anton and Schlumberger was held successful in Beijing
19-10-18 Contract Signing on the Project of the O&M Management Services for Oryx Oilfield
19-09-12 First energized acid fracturing technique with nitrogen in Halfaya oilfield was implemented successfully
19-08-18 8882 meters! New record for deepest well onshore in Asia!
19-08-06 Anton attends a symposium with XDEC
19-07-26 Anton successfully and firstly implemented YAMAMA formation wellhead service in Iraq
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