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About Us

Corporate Culture

Anton’s Vision

Anton’s vision is to become a model of efficient and harmonious development for both human and environmentby not only creating direct value for clients but also contributing to the advancement of society. As a technology service company, Anton provides operation services as its offering, Anton sees "Operation First " as a sign of efficient development. This is a commitment to clients, a declaration to the industry, and a standard for Anton in its actions.In the process of growth, Anton tries the best to drive the development of the local communities, promote social progress and benefit the local people, so as to achieve harmonious development with the society.

Anton’s Core Values
Anton's corporate culture is rooted in the traditional oriental culture. Anton combines traditional Chinese culture, the power of modern China, global standards and its own advantages to form the Anton global brand of "Oriental Wisdom, Global Sharing", showing Anton's image as a gentleman in the East.
Anton's core values areClient-centric, Hardworking, Learning and Innovation.
Anton's Core Values I: Client-centric
Anton takes "Client-centric" as the most important value, and strive for the best of this principle, creating value for clients.
"Customer-centric" advocates three principles: Personalization, Trustworthiness, and Cultural compatibility.
PersonalizationRespect the needs of clients, Pay attention to client’s satisfaction
TrustworthinessAbide by integrity, Follow the rules
Cultural CompatibilityIntegrate with clients, Respect clients
Anton's Core Values II: Hardworking
Hardworking is the spirit cultivated in modern China after a century of suffering.
Hardworking is the core driving force for Anton's survival and development.
As an oilfield technology services company, Anton must carry forward the spirit of Hardworking and resolve client’s problems.
In the difficult environment of global O&G development emerging markets, Anton should further develop the spirit of Hardworking and maintain a high-efficient working state.
Hardworking is in the difficult conditions, not affected by the environment, to keep the enterprising spirit.
The spirit of Hardworking requires that we go deeply into the local area,going out of the small environment and truly integrate into the local area.
Hardworking is Anton's requirement for talents. Do ordinary things carefully, deeply, and intently.Not only to overcome difficult conditions, because we strive for excellence and use Hardworking to solve problems, which makes us work more deeply and professionally than others who do the same work.
Hardworking is not to advocate meaningless sacrifice, but a talent mechanism that encourages "Higher investment and Higher return".
Anton's Core Values III: Learning and Innovation
Learning and innovation is an essential cultural atmosphere for Anton as a new technology company, which runs through the growth process of Anton.
Anton advocates Anti-entropy increase, opposes retrogression, and opposes mediocrity.
Anton advocates Learning,with a particular focus on learning from the outside and absorbing all advanced things.
Anton advocates Creativity, Innovation, Creation, comprehensive innovative thinking, innovative technology, and innovative management.
Anton advocatesContinuous Improvement, continuous improvement management, continuous improvement technology ... Implement continuous improvement as a system.

Anton’s Mission
Helping others succeed is Anton’s long-standing mission.Anton is committed to building an open platform shared by multiple parties, with which Anton can grow together and share fruits with employees internally and achieve win-win development with partners externally.

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